Weekly NFT News Bulletin 18-02-2022 curated by vixen3d NFT Creator, Rose Burnett

Weekly NFT Bulletin 18-02-2022

18-02-2022 Weekly NFT Bulletin – Brings you the latest media releases and NFT News from around the globe curated by vixen3d NFT Digital Creator, Rose Burnett.  Click on the links below to read the full articles on the author sites, all rights attributed to those authors and sites.

Biggest NFT Trends to Expect in 2022 by Tanya Petrusenko | Bitmedia.io
More and more celebrities and influencers are piling into the digital art scene, giving it more legitimacy clout than ever before. So, for 2022, we can only see the trend of digital art growing. We’ll see the top collections selling for mind boggling amounts of cash, while new collections will be almost out of reach for the average investor.

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Why NFT trends in China may point to the future of NFTs globally by Ramzi Chaabane | Campaign
Chinese authorities are currently taking a cautious approach to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), trying to ensure they are safe and controllable. But don’t jump to the conclusion that China is missing out on this technology. In fact, if we look in more detail, one can consider China to be at the forefront of blockchain technology. It will probably be the first country to see a live version of the future web3.

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Exclusive-Universal Music to develop collectible NFTs in deal with Curio platform | Nasdaq
Universal Music Group has struck a partnership with NFT platform Curio to develop non-fungible token (NFT) collections for its record labels and artists, the companies said on Thursday.

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Mixmob, a Solana-powered metaverse Gaming platform, raises $7M in funding led by Defiance Capital by Daniel Levi | Tech Startups 

“This appreciable injection of capital will allow us to achieve our strategic objectives over the coming months and years,” said the platform’s CEO and Game Director Simon Vieira.

“The play-to-earn sector is showing no signs of slowing down, and by offering something vastly different to what already exists in the space, we firmly believe MixMob will prove to be a hit with the creative community.”

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Highest Price NFT Stats – Collections and Individual Sales Listed by CoinMarketCap

Get latest stats for NFT collections and individual assets that have sold for the highest prices. Trending TOP 5: I’M AIKO, Drop Out Kids, DavidBioux | Boudoir, OG Astro Babies, Solana Sluts

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Illustrator Unicris Shares How He Got Started With NFTs, Sold Out Collections And More | ART PLUGGED

Inspired by mythology and the edgy icons from Marvel, DC and Manga. Unicris conceives his visions with a strong sense of playfulness paired with a slick sophistication that bears a distinct aesthetic. His artistic refinement enabled him to flourish in the NFT space to become the creative eye behind three sold-out NFT projects on Solana.

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NFT Buzz – How to Get Started Selling NFTs by Rose Burnett | Brainz Magazine 

How to Get Started Selling NFTs by Rose Burnett, Creator vixen3d NFTs

vixen3d NFT Collection on OpenSea

Heard all the buzz about NFTs and want to create and sell your own NFTs? Learning about cryptocurrency, crypto wallets and then finding the right NFT Marketplace to sell your NFTs can feel a bit complicated, but it’s not. You don’t have to know anything about cryptocurrency to start selling NFTs except the basics.

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