Sundari Star People NFT by Rose Burnett in Elisium NFT Collection on OpenSea

NFT Sale on OpenSea Starts Today | Elisium & Vixen3d NFTs

Perth, Western Australia 17-03-2022 | Announcement

NFT Sale on OpenSea starts today for Elisium NFT Collection and Vixen3D NFT Collection by Digital Creator, Rose Burnett. 

Elisium NFT Sale

The Elisium NFT Collection is dystopian impression of future alien worlds melded with ancient times on Earth. Where the past collides with the future. Elisium NFT Sale on OpenSea starts from 0.09 to 0.99 ETH on 17th March 2022 and ends 16th April 2022. View collection preview below, currently 153 NFTs in Elisium NFT Collection.

Going through the Ages the Elisium NFT Collection takes us from the Caveman to Ancient Civilisations, Modern Impressionism to Futuristic Dystopian Alien Worlds.  Totally unpredictable, quirky, individualistic NFT Art for the serious NFT Collector. Click here to view Sale on OpenSea

Vixen3D NFT Sale

Vixen3D NFT Collection features Fantasy 3D Character Collectibles and Grafitti Art Caricatures by Digital Creator, Rose Burnett. Vixen3D NFT Sale starts from 0.02 – 0.70 ETH on 17th March 2022 and ends 16th April 2022.  See sale preview video below, there are currently 73 Limited Edition NFTs in Vixen3D NFT Collection.

Click here to go to Vixen3D NFT Sale on OpenSea

Rose Burnett is the Digital Creator of the Vixen3D and Elisium NFT Collections available on OpenSea. Rose is also a Transformational Coach with popular 38.7K Inspirational YouTube Channel and is Executive Contributor on Brainz Magazine and 2021 CREA Global Awards Honouree for Top Entrepreneurs and Influential Leaders recognized for creative and innovative ideas, adaptability in business, or contributions to sustainability and mental health.