Stormie NFT Fantasy Character Collectible for sale on by Rose Burnett


Stormie is 3D Fantasy Character NFT Collectible by Digital Creator, Rose Burnett from the vixen3d NFT Collection. The NFT sale includes bonus unlockable content of one 24″ x 24″ Canvas Gallery Wrap Print of your NFT Artwork valued at $109.00 USD, plus shipping costs for your personal use.

Stormie is one of the most coveted NFTs in the vixen3d Collection.  Stormie walks on the darker side of life, burned in the past, seeking vengeance.

Purchase Stormie – 3D Fantasy Character NFT Collectible

To purchase this NFT, please click this link to make a bid. You will be redirected to the NFT marketplace for secure transactions. You will need a wallet with ETH (Ethereum) or credit card.


With NFT’s growing from $100 million investment in 2020 to staggering $21 billion in 2021, many companies, celebrities and individuals are investing in NFTs.

If you purchase an NFT early, that asset is limited and only available through you being the owner. NFTs are nonfungible, so each token is unique and cannot be replicated. This scarcity is what allows the value of the NFT to grow over time. 

Think about NFTs as a commodity-like asset similar to silver, gold and art. They follow the traditional principle of investing, buy low and sell high, which also applies to NFTs. Market participants can buy in NFTs early, hold or turn around and sell them for a profit.

Similar to cryptocurrency, NFTs are held in crypto wallets and are powered by Smart Contracts for easy transfer.  You can hold, receive and buy NFTs with your crypto wallet, usually traded with Ethereum (ETH).


Rose Burnett - NFT's for Sale

I have been creative from as long as I can remember, probably my earliest memory is from the age of four. Sitting in the kitchen with my grandmother Dorothy as she patiently taught me how to paint on ceramics. She was a watercolour and oil paint artist until the day she died at nearly 103. My ongoing source of inspiration!

I love combining photography with digital art and AI to create these futuristic pieces for you.

Rose Burnett is the Digital Creator of the #vixen3d and #eaglespirit NFT Collections available at OpenSea. Rose is also a Transformational Coach with popular 38.7K Inspirational YouTube Channel and is Executive Contributor on Brainz Magazine and 2021 CREA Global Awards Honouree for Top Entrepreneurs and Influential Leaders recognized for innovation, adaptability in business, or contributions to sustainability and mental health.

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