Turn Back Time

Turn Back Time

Through the lens of a photographer this moment of quiet reflection felt like a time warp of old worlds colliding with the new. This Turn Back Time NFT Artwork is an exclusive one-off photography piece transformed into modern art by Rose Burnett.

I fell in love with this pose of one of my best girlfriend’s, we were at a Brittany Spears dress-up hen’s party.  I couldn’t resist snapping this pic when she wasn’t looking. 

A friendship spanning thirty years, filled with laughter, sharing our sorrows and always being there for one another.

Always known for her quirky sense of humour, this pose says it all. 

Purchase – Turn Back Time NFT Artwork

To purchase this NFT from eaglespirit NFT Collection, please click this link to make a bid. You will be redirected to the OpenSea NFT marketplace for secure transactions. You will need a wallet with ETH (Ethereum) or credit card.

Many people purchase NFT’s as an investment, they can be resold on the blockchain. 


Rose Burnett - NFT's for Sale

I have been creative from as long as I can remember, probably my earliest memory is from the age of four. Sitting in the kitchen with my grandmother Dorothy as she patiently taught me how to paint on ceramics. She was a watercolour and oil paint artist until the day she died at nearly 103. My ongoing source of inspiration!

I have done all sorts of artwork in my time from acrylics to abstracts, handpainted giftware and more. I love combining photography with digital art to create these stunning pieces for you.

I still pick up the paintbrush but love capturing special moments through the lens of a camera and transforming the best pieces into modern digital art.

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